The most overpriced Ethereum ICO

The perfect crowdsale for whales. Feel Empowered.

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What we offer


WhaleToken’s revolutionary approach allows you to change your view on ICOs and the cryptocurrency market.

The best way to waste your Ether

Since the inception of Ethereum, never has there been such a means of redeeming your Ether for self-confidence.


You're writing in the blockchain that you're a whale. The record of this will never be modified, tampered with, or bastardized in any way.


For every 0.01 ETH, you get 1 WTK minus Whale Tax. The more tokens distributed, the more expensive it gets.

For each purchase of at least 0.01 ETH, Whale Tax increases by 0.0001 ETH.

Orders >= 0.01 ETH Price
0 0.01 ETH / WTK
1 0.0101 ETH / WTK
10 0.011 ETH / WTK
99 0.0199 ETH / WTK

You can buy WhaleTokens on:

December 1, 2017, at 3:00 P.M. UTC

The crowdsale will end:

June 1, 2018, at 3:00 P.M. UTC

Whale Tokens are on sale! You can contribute by sending your ether to the token contract:


You can view our open source contract code on GitHub. Click me!

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